Hall Brothers — Port Blakely : The Hall Brothers built ships that transported lumber around the world.
Black and white copy of studio portrait of white man identified as Captain Winslow Hall; man sports trim, white mustache and beard and wears buttoned coat, white shirt and tie at neck.

Captain George Washington Hall married his wife Cynthgia Collier in 1816. They gave birth to 16 children. Six sons and six daughters survived. Three of the six brothers, Isaac, Winslow, and Henry Knox, would eventually become the team that established the famous Hall Brothers Shipyards in Port Ludlow, Port Blakely and Eagle Harbor.
Winslow Hall was born in Cohasset Massachusetts in 1833, where he learned the shipbuilding trade. He moved to the west coast during the 1849 gold rush years and ultimately became a highly respected marine architect. Winslow Hall died in 1898.

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Captain Winslow HallCaptain Winslow Hall