Hall Brothers — Port Blakely : The Hall Brothers built ships that transported lumber around the world.
Black and white view of ship's hull under construction in drydock; horizontal to water's edge with stacked lumber and vegetation in foreground; men visible on ships and sides working, small buildings along water, opposite shore with trees; homes visible in background right also masted ships and larger building; documentation identifies as Hall Brother's Shipyard, ship is "Hesper".
This photo published in Gary White's book "Hall Brothers Shipyard", copyright 2008.
Caption for this photo reads:
"One of teh Hall's most famous and beautiful vessels was the bark 'Hesper', seen under construction. She was launched on October 12, 1882. Built for Capt. Cyrus Ryder and other San Fansisco owners, she spent most of her career in what was known as the 'triangle trade'—lumber to Australia, coal to Hawaii, and sugar to the mainland."
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Hall Brothers ShipyardHall Brothers Shipyard