Illustrations of Japanese Life
These women show the exact attitude the Japanese assume in greeting or bidding adieu. The photograph is a good representation of a fair—sized Japanese room with the conventional "tokonoma" (the place of honor) and other fixtures. Japanese house will appear to foreigners conspicuous by the absence of furniture, just as a highly adorned boudoir of Europe or America suggests to a Japanese an idea of a museum. The floor is covered with the spotless "tatami," or mats, never defiled by boot or shoe, and absolutely of a fixed size measuring six feet in length and three in width. The size of the room is measured by the number of mats it contains. A picture hanging on the "tokonoma," a folding screen or two, a vase of flowers, two or three charcoal braziers, make up about all the necessary fitting for the apartment. Despite such simplicity and graceful [unreadable] economy taste and convenience are not lost sight of in the Japanese architecture.
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