DAY 2: Collection

The fundamental act of the museum curator is to collect things. The challenge is to collect enough of the old context with the object so that it does not lose the stories it tells of its former life; but also, to connect to new ideas and taxonomies, to find new contexts that allow new uses. Museums do not collect for the sake of collecting; they collect in order to do things with objects they preserve. We need to reconnect them and connect them anew.


— Steven Lubar, Professor of American Studies at Brown University and Author of Inside the Lost Museum: Curating Past and Present

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Our Collection Wish List

Caring for a museum collection requires a specialized workspace, archival materials, and storage conditions.

Click here to see our full wish list of things we need this year to properly manage and protect our growing and invaluable collection.

Can you guess what it takes to care for our collection? Explore a few of the items on our wish list below. You might be surprised by the cost!

Archival Hat Boxes

  • Protect hats in our collection from crushing during storage
  • Shield hats in our colection from harmful UV light

Archival Hat Boxes

Art Storage Screens

  • Store framed art while keeping it accessible
  • Optomize collection storage space

Art Storage Screen

Archival Folders

  • Provide heavy duty protection vital to preserving large paper materials in our collection like maps and documents

Archival Folders

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