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Join BIHM’s inquisitive curator, Merilee Mostov, as she explores the Museum Collection, Bainbridge Island, historic sites, and other museums.

Port Madison with Kevin Tomlinson

Port Madison with Kevin Tomlinson

Marshall Strawberries

What’s in this box?!

Her Vote. Her Story.


Logs and diaries of early explorers and settlers, postcards, ferry and steamer schedules, music.

Charts and Plans

Old tide and navigational charts  — just to name a few — reflect our location and heritage.


Approximately 330 maps, ranging from nautical to road to zoning and even to maps of local businesses over the years.


Over 9,000 images — family portraits, landscapes, class pictures, waterfront images, and time-lapse photos.

The Library

Our library provides space for historical research, small group meetings, and museum projects.  It is open during regular museum hours. For special needs or access at other times, please contact us at [email protected].

Public Records

Census rolls, school attendance, post offices, cemeteries, industries, government agencies, organizations, and individuals.


Newspapers, film and video of marine life, the Japanese American Exclusion, canoe making, sailing ships,logging, fishing and Island festivals.

Bainbridge Review

The Bainbridge Review earned national recognition for its coverage of the forced removal and incarceration of 227 Bainbridge Island residents of Japanese descent. The Museum contributed to the creation of Kitsap Regional Library’s first special digital collection, Bainbridge Review, 1941-1946.

We are actively documenting and collecting materials related to the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic experience on Bainbridge Island.

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