Current Exhibits

An Island Story

For a small island, Bainbridge has big stories to share. The Japanese American Exclusion in WWII, the most productive sawmill in the world, the mosquito fleet that served 30 small communities, the teen music scene, and the invention of Pickleball are some of the things you are bound to uncover.

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Suquamish Tribe

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Early Exploration

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Japanese American Exclusion

Her Vote. Her Story.

Ratified 100 years ago, the 19th Amendment to the U.S. constitution restored women’s legal right to vote. Many women—and men—organized, protested, penned pamphlets, endured prison, and braved hunger strikes in support of women’s suffrage.

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Merilee Mostov, Curator, takes you inside the show.

For many years, the 19th Amendment mostly benefited middle and upper class, white women. Additional laws and amendments were needed to assure equal voting rights and access for all women and men.

Photograph of Millenium Quilt, 2000

Model Voting Machine

Voting Infographic

2016 Voting Percentages

Maxine Johnson, 2016