Current Exhibits

Island photographer, Joel Sackett, explores the history of Bainbridge Island through the built environment with his latest body of work. It is highly personal and selective. The photography exhibit is composed of mostly of older homes that are still in use, repurposed, or in disrepair.  All of them come with stories of Island lives and history. Come to the Museum to see the entire collection in the Bucey Gallery, through September 12, 2021.

In His Own Words

Variations on a Story

Fact checking is subject to the vagaries of memory and supposition. Were the picker cabins on Day Road built by Akio Suyematsu who might have been influenced by the barracks he saw in the concentration camps?  Or, were they built by Akio’s father? Or, did they build them together?  Did the cabins burn down once and get rebuilt?  All variations on the same story that I heard.

Stillness and Resilience

“There is a cycle of rejuvenation that takes place as buildings age. Some are considered disposable, and are torn down to make way for progress, while others, like our cabin, go through cycles of repair and use over the years.

It has a great feeling of stillness and resilience that we hope to preserve along with the antique timbers in the next round of strengthening and preservation that is needed soon.”

Michael Wynne-Jones


“My mother, Irmgard Grabo, built this cabin in the 70’s partly from trees growing on the property. My sisters, friends, and I helped peel the logs. It cost about $500.

My mother lived there for about 15 years until she had her present home built in 1989. In 2017, 42 years later, I rejuvenated the cabin so that I could help my 90 year old mom continue to live in her own house about 200 feet away.”  

Anne Waring

Fourth and Fifth Generations

“My mom, Karen (Koltoff) is the 4th generation in this house and I’m the 5th. The land was given to Hattie Lee Grow and John Parfitt by Ambrose and Amanda Grow on their wedding day. The house was built by John Parfitt. I love this old place. I’m just the caretaker. It’s good to be connected to your history.”

John Mammes

An Island Story

For a small island, Bainbridge has big stories to share. The Japanese American Exclusion in WWII, the most productive sawmill in the world, the mosquito fleet that served 30 small communities, the teen music scene, and the invention of Pickleball are some of the things you are bound to uncover.

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Suquamish Tribe

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Early Exploration

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Japanese American Exclusion