Our Team

Museum Staff

Brianna Kosowitz (she/her)

Executive Director

Merilee Mostov (she/her)

Director of Exhibits and Engagement

Katy Curtis (she/her)

Community Outreach Manager

Joy Delgado (she/her)

Admin Coordinator

Lillian Xie (she/they)

Collections Coordinator

Danielle Sakowski (she/her)

Visitor Experience Coordinator

Board Members

Joan Walters


Photo of board member Susie Burdick

Susie Burdick

Vice President

Dave Williams


Charlie Averill


Photo of board member Kelly Brennan-Mooney

Kelly Brennan-Mooney

Bill Covert

John Klimp

Tom Lamping

Photo of board member Christina Mitchell

Christina Mitchell

Mark Mumm

Frank Willmann