Our Mission:

Preserve and share the stories of Bainbridge Island to promote a greater understanding of our community and the world in which we live.

Our Vision:

Spark curiosity and inspire people to connect, explore different perspectives, reflect, and celebrate the diverse stories of our community.

Our Values:


Our programs are intellectually responsible and encourage visitors to think about history from different viewpoints.


We encourage visitors to think for themselves—to imagine and reflect on their own experiences and connect to our local history. We encourage two-way conversation and strive to design exhibits for social learning.


We are always working to develop strong partnerships with other museums, institutions, and local communities to share collections, expertise and resources. We believe that together, we can achieve far more than we can accomplish alone.


We strive to create programming and exhibits that provoke visitors of all ages to ask questions, touch, explore, and discover.


We think BIG. We are flexible and open to out-of-the-box thinking. We accept that sometimes we fail, but we jump at the chance to solve problems creatively.