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Poster 11 x 17

World War II From An Island Perspective

Bainbridge Island and its people played a significant role during World War II. Four hundred ninety-two islanders served, of whom 17 gave their lives, two others were Medal of Honor recipients, and four others were members of the famous all-Japanese 442nd Regimental Combat Team. Fort Ward and Battle Point together provided very important radio communications services for American ships and as a listening post for Japanese diplomatic and military radio communications. Seventeen steel-hulled minesweepers were built at the Winslow Shipyard. Learn more…


Poster 11 x 17

Ansel Adams – A Portrait of Manzanar

On March 30th, 1942, 227 men, women, and children of Japanese descent were escorted from Bainbridge Island onto the ferry Kehloken by armed military personnel. Bound for an internment camp in Manzanar, California, these were the first Japanese in the United States to be relocated due to World War II. Portraits of internees by renowned photographer Ansel Adams allow a glimpse into life at the camp. Learn more…

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The Overland Westerners

In May of 1912 four horse riders (two from Bainbridge Island) and a dog named “Nip” set out on a three-year trek that would take them to every state capital in the continental United States. Their ride, covering 20,352 miles, was accomplished in 1,127 strenuous days in the saddle. In each capital city they sought a “Certification of Call” and a photograph opportunity with the state’s governor. Learn more…


Port Blakely: Portrait of a Mill Town

First established in 1864 by Captain William Renton, the Port Blakely Mill was in operation for nearly 60 years and was once known as “the largest sawmill in the world.” Through historical photographs, a 3-D stereoscopic viewer, and a scale model of the mill site, visitors will learn about three architecturally distinctive mill buildings, the development of Port Blakely, and the rise and fall of the mill company. Learn more…

Commodore Bainbridge

An Island Story

Housed in the Island Center’s original 1908 schoolhouse, “An Island Story” provides an overview of the rich, unique history of Bainbridge Island. The exhibit is packed with historical objects covering a timeline that includes Native American lore and the history of whales in the area, the logging and boating industries, and the diverse ethnographic community which helped to shape present life on Bainbridge Island. Learn more…